This trail began at the absolute southern tip of Kauai, which is sort of a circular island. I found it while I was hiking in the Koke'e State Park to the west. I overheard the matriarch of a family say, "THIS certainly is different than what we walked yesterday." 

At the time we were hiking on steep, muddy trails that were full of roots and rocks. Mud splashed up from each of our footsteps. This was pretty much what all the trails I'd seen on the island of Kauai had looked like so far. So I asked them, "So where did you hike yesterday?"

The mother stopped, a little surprised a random hiker had interjected himself into her conversation. "Um, it was called Pu'u something."

"Ya." I laughed. "I'm sure it was. The language here is so tough..." The daughter of the family then interjected, "it started right near the Hyatt."

"There you go," I said. "I can find that!" And I'm glad i did, because that family was right. Sure, it was mellow, a little more mellow than trekking through the jungle, but the water was so blue and the rolling bluffs so covered in fine white sand that I found myself endlessly drawn up and down the shore. 

In the end, I found out it was called the Mahaulepu Coastal Trail, near the town of Poipu.