Maui from the Air

Here are a few shots of Maui from the air. The airplanes I traveled in, going to and from Molokai, were only capable of carrying eight passengers. The flights took less than half an hour. The plane listed and rose and fell. It made me think about what a pilot told me once over a loudspeaker on a really bumpy flight: Turbulence is like rough seas. The boat might get knocked around a bunch, but it still floats.

But I liked the turbulence this time. The sudden drops and low altitude meant we could see the islands well--better then we could see them even once we were on them.

The plane rides were easily one of the best parts of being in Hawaii, which is good, because I flew a lot while I was there. Into Honolulu, then to Molokai, then Maui, then Molokai again, then Honolulu again, then Hilo, then Lihue, then Hilo again, all before flying back to LA at the end of the two-month trip.