Secret Hot Spring

Soaking in Yellowstone’s hot springs is legal, but only if cold water flows in and out of the spring, as it does in The Boiling River, at the north end of the park, and in Snake River Hot Springs, on the south end. But the springs in these pictures are separate holes in the forest floor, set apart from any other water. One is cloudy and blue and the other is clear, with green moss growing on its bottom. The two tubs are just a few hundred feet apart. They are far from any road or trail. The clear one is traditionally bathed in, though that practice is officially illegal. But I've heard the temperature is perfect, and your chance of being interrupted is very low. That’s assuming you’ve taken the precaution not to leave any trace of your entry into the woods (a suspicious car left at the turnout for too long, footprints in the snow, etc.) If you did, you may be tracked down and ticketed by militant rangers. Other than that, or maybe partly because of it, it’s a place worth visiting.